Semi Dynamic Website

So if you would like to get a semi dynamic website you should know about what is a static and dynamic website first.

Dynamic Vs Static website design

Static website:

If you would like to show something static document (which will not change any time or within a year or 6 months) then you can choose a static design of your website. If you can familiar with HTML language, then only you can change the written document or data or images on your website.

Dynamic website:

So if you would like to show something on your website that you would like to change from your end then you can choose a dynamic web page design for your website. There is a dashboard or portal will be given to you. By using this you can upload or change any kind of written document or data in your website. The difficulty of using this dashboard is as easy as a social network like Facebook.

Semi ?

So now why semi dynamic?

Here is your answer.

Semi Dynamic Website Designer Company in Kolkata Suppose you have needed a website for your Company or Organization. So there will be no change on these pages like company info, home, about us, contact us, employees etc. But if you would like to get a notice page or gallery page to share some info or upload any images on a daily-weekly or monthly basis then you can choose this plan.

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