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Bulk messaging is a procedure of sending of a short messages to a huge amount of mobile phone users. It is used by large enterprises, media companies, e-commerce companies, banks (for promotional and information sharing purpose), for internet marketing purpose and for awareness programme over SMS.

How it works?

Bulk Sms Services

Generally it is a one way communication. A particular message can be spread over a number of people by doing a single click.

The below image will show you that how a single message can be spread over a tons of mobile users.

Bulk Sms Services

How Bulk SMS Service Helps to Improve Business?

Selected Customer Profiles

Bulk Sms Services The best thing in bulk SMS is that you can target a particular niche to promote your product or awareness. You can share different offers forcefully to the customers because 98% recipient will open the SMS and they will read it. According to your offer value you can get interested based customer. The same thing will happen for sharing awareness over SMS.

Non-Intrusive Marketing

Bulk Sms Services Nowadays telephonic promotion is out dated. By the process of telephonic promotion a bad impact also made for the company. Today’s market is running on review basis. If an offer is valuable then the SMS is also shared to other people known to the recipient. Thus bulk SMS is more valuable and more cost efficient over telephonic influencer.

Direct Approach Method

Bulk Sms Services provider in kolkata

If any SMS has been read by a user then it will be sure that your brand is successfully introduced to the person. So that there is an instant impression creates on user’s mind about your company. For the interest based customers this is the best method also to promote an offer. Internet connection on phone is a luxury item but if there is a running phone, a SMS will definitely knock the user’s ringtone that is why it is the fastest way to promote your product rather than any online or offline promotional procedure.

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