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Static vs Dynamic Website Design and Development

There are two types of websites designed at jackfruitweb - static and dynamic.

  • Static website
  • Dynamic website

The static website is one that is generally written in HTML codes along with some CSS codes and some javascript. The browser compiles the codes and shows it to a website visitor.

A dynamic site is one that is generally written using a server-side script language such as JSP, PHP, ASP, or ColdFusion. These kinds of sites have two different parts. The front end which a visitor see and a back-end from where a developer changes the website.

Difference between static and dynamic websites

Why a Dynamic website?

Advantage of Dynamic sites

The main advantages of dynamic sites are that in a simple way you can insert or delete data on your webpage from a very simple backend panel. You can easily insert any write-up material, infographics, illustration, smart art, word art, logo, images from a server panel. There is no need of coding to insert data in a dynamic website.

In a dynamic webpage, you can easily create a content management system to manage data and other graphical properties from the back end table without using the coding. The content of a dynamic website which is changeable can be controlled by the time of page creation, i.e. if a client needs only images has to be dynamically changed then we can opt only the image allocation for a dynamic panel, other properties will be static on that page. At jackfruitweb, in both these cases, the back end panel can be simple or complex as per client requires.

There are a little or no ongoing costs needed for changing a dynamic website data.

Dynamic Website Design Services in Kolkata

Disdvantage of Dynamic sites

The design of a dynamic page is more complicated compared to a static HTML based web page. Generally, a dynamic page made with a dynamic template which is applied to all the pages in a website. So it is quite difficult to change a particular page design or format.

Initial cost is high compared to a static website and for this, you can get data or image changing facility on your website.

But if you want to change the entire page design or want to add a new feature to your webpage then it may cost more than a static website and the entire coding requires to change.

Let me choose you the correct web design

Dynamic Websie Design Company in Kolkata So if you would like to show something on your website that you would like to change from your end then you can choose a dynamic web page design for your website. There is a dashboard or portal will be given to you. By using this you can upload or change any kind of written document or data on your website. The difficulty of using this dashboard is as easy as a social network like Facebook.

So now what? Take your phone and call jackfruitweb, the best website designer and developer company of Kolkata; India to make a dynamic website for your organization.

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