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First of all, you need to know what does online digital Marketing mean?

Online Marketing Company in Kolkata

Online digital marketing is a set of a process by which you can get an exponential growth in your business. It is a very powerful method for doing any kind of product’s promotion to a huge customer base over the internet. Online marketing includes a wider range of marketing tools than old traditional business marketing due to the cutting edge technologies and various interest based customer finding tools available on the internet.

Jackfruitweb online marketing process can deliver huge benefits for your business, such as:

Online Marketing Advantage
Growth in potential: The future market potential is standing upon the today’s internet technology. Internet market is a place where you can start as a 0 and you can run with a potential power of 100 within a reduced time. Because there is no experience required on this platform, it always welcomes a fresh one, a new one or a better one.

Online Marketing Company Reduce Cost
Reduced expenses: Jackfruitweb can reduce promotional cost, salary incremental cost, imputed cost, incremental or opportunity cost and different variable cost by the implementation of online digital marketing tools in your business.

 Online digital marketing make better communication
Elegant communications: By the process of jackfruitweb internet marketing technique you can able to catch the unique buyer of your product all over the world.

Elegant Communication in MarketingBetter control: By the process of jackfruitweb internet marketing tools you can able to control the whole customer base of your product or the similar products which is selling by different sellers.

Online marketing customer service improvementImproved customer service: By the process of jackfruitweb internet marketing cutting-edge technologies you can able to provide a better customer service to your customers. For a better option, you can drop a mail to jackfruitweb technologies.

Competitive advantage in online marketingCompetitive advantage: Jackfruitweb technologies can provide you the opportunity to compete with an organization bigger than you by the process of implementing different internet marketing tools.

Online marketing is also known as internet marketing, the web marketing, digital marketing and search engine marketing (SEM); where exponential growth is possible.

Jackfruitweb; the Kolkata, India based digital online marketing company explains digital online Marketing simple.


The jackfruitweb online digital marketing process varies according to different business requirements. Jackfruitweb online digital marketing process works between the consumer experience data to a company related to the same product. Online digital marketing connects organizations with a proper potential customer base and gives a better business strategy compared to a traditional marketing concept.


Jackfruitweb Kolkata digital marketing process provides you active online creative and technological tools, including design and development of your business model, sales increment process, and online advertising-promotion, while focusing on the following steps:

E-commerce: E-commerce is a process of buying and selling products or services through internet. Which is easier through Jackfruitweb.

how to generate buy leads in online marketing
Lead-based websites: In huge competition marketing, lead generation is the process of finding the consumer interest and search for the products or services which is most demanding. These are called buy leads. Jackfruitweb makes it simple. We can find your customer base, can find the consumer interest in the product or services behalf of your company.

What is affiliate in online marketing
Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing technique in which a company rewards one or more affiliates for generating buy leads. In this process, affiliates will sell your products or services through their own selling efforts. Jackfruitweb will find the best affiliate for your business.

Local Search engine Optimize
Local search: Local search is a process of internet search engine. Generally, it finds a product of services for a particular product in a particular geographical location. Jackfruitweb will find the best listing place for your unique business to get tons of unique customer.


Jackfruitweb online digital marketing service has several advantages, like:

Low costs: Large customer base can be found at a very less amount of traditional advertising costs, by the process of creating consumer advertisements over the internet.

Flexibility and convenience: Customers may cross check and buy products and services at their convenient time. So best quality and low price always matter.

Product and Customer Analytics: Proper pie charts, statistical charts, and graphical charts can be generated at no cost.

Multiple options: Advertising tools include Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, influencer advertising, CPC advertising and different Local search integration (like Bing, Yahoo, Google Maps).


Demographic and geographic targeting: Consumers can be geographically or demographically targeted to get more effective buy leads.

So if you need to grow your business exponentially, you can call jackfruitweb; our online marketing experts will give a boost; an extra wing to your business.


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