Daily Website Maintenance

What is website maintenance? Try jackfruitweb maintenance support

The website maintenance passes through a number of stages. Here is the checklist.


Website Domain: Check your website domain to check it's renewing date and other services related to a domain like who is check, domain complains, report abuse etc.


Website Hosting: Check your website hosting services. The first thing on hosting service is its speed. Check your website speed by different webmaster tool to check it is properly loading to your unique viewers.


Next, you must check the bandwidth consuming. If your monthly bandwidth is exceeding the limit value then it’s time to upgrade your website hosting package.


Website Design: Check your website design to check its bootstrap. If your website bootstrap is damaged it will not be able to view on all internet accessible devices. The different device has different resolution and different pixels. So it is important to check your bootstrap after including any kind of data whether it is properly responsive to all resolution devices or not.


Website Development: There are many kinds of plugins or add-ons available to protect your website from different problem and hacking.


Website Content: Update your website content on daily basis to stay on top search results.


SEO Service: Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques, and tactics used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) — including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.


You must keep changing your website keywords according to your visitor's requirement.


SSL Service: Check your SSL every day to make sure that your website is showing secure mark to your unique website visitors.


Broken Links: You must fix the broken links on a monthly or daily basis.


Contact Form: You must check the contact form data and any other input medium data on daily basis.


If you have invested in your website, now it is time to make investments for maintenance purpose.

You must check

• Security

• Updates

• Backups

On daily, weekly or monthly basis.

These three main components are the actual secret to keeping that website that you’ve just invested in, looking in shiny and fresh all year round 24/7.

We (Jackfruitweb) can do this work plus we will do some extra work behalf on you at the cheapest rate. So pick your phone and make a call at Jackfruitweb.

Now have a look at daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis maintenance

Daily/Weekly website maintenance tasks to do


You must check customer contact forms daily.

Check for any broken links are there and fix it.

Post new content on your website to make it updated and in top position.

Monthly/Quarterly website maintenance tasks to do

Check your local search visibility with Google or Bing or any webmaster tools quarterly. Jackfruitweb® is expert in this task.


Check your website statistics with google analytics or any other webmaster tool quarterly and take action if needed.


Review and tweak title, tags, Metadata, Meta descriptions, keywords and schema codes quarterly and do search engine optimization. Jackfruitweb® is also very expert on this topic.


Share your website on different social networking sites to generate backlinks.


Check your SSL Service is properly working or not.


Test & tweak contact forms and automated messages sent to your subscriber’s quarterly. If you have fillable forms on your website, you need to review them to make sure they are working properly and are capturing the information that you need. Remember, the fewer fields you have in a contact form, the more likely you will receive lead conversions. But, with fewer fields, the leads will probably be less qualified.


  • Check your website on new web browsers quarterly – Web browsers are updated very frequently and sometimes it affects how your website will display to your unique viewers. To make sure that your website is compatible with the latest browsers, visit different website checker’s website and optimize your website for different latest browsers. View and navigate your site in each browser to ensure it is up to its mark. This includes pulling your website up on your mobile phone and other mobile devices to test that it displays correctly and is easy to use as you want to show.

  • Test your website’s bootstrap is properly working or not. Remember bootstrap is a very important thing for nowadays. It helps your website to view on different platforms in different resolution.

Yearly website maintenance tasks to do

Review your website domain names and check expiry dates.


Review your web hosting services and check expiry dates.


Check your active email ids and delete unnecessary ones.


Update time references and copyright notice in the footer of your website or in other locations.


Check your SSL Services and check its expiry date.


Check and update your website Terms and Conditions.


Check and update your website’s privacy policy.


Check out each page on your website for consistency (fonts, photo sizes, grammar & copywriting) at different resolutions.

Check your website rating.


This is a primary checklist for a top-ranked successful running website. But there are more in Jackfruitweb maintenance service only for a good website.

Besides this, we have also many other solutions.

So do you have a website?

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  • Or a notice board website.

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