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Promotional SMS Service Provider in Kolkata India

Promotional message is a part of bulk messaging service. Direct buy offers or banding can be promoted through promotional messaging service provided by Jackfruitweb.

Benefits of promotional bulk SMS marketing service

1) Immediate Deliverability

promotional sms provider inkolkataPromotional SMS can be sent in one click to a huge number of mobile phone users at a lightning fast speed.

2) Flexible easy Platform

Promotional SMS service provider in kolkataIt is very easy to use. If promotional SMS can be sent to a proper active mobile phone user with an eye-catching keyword then definitely it can generate huge buy leads.

3) Instant Opt-In (like) and Opt-Out (dislike)

Promotional SMS is very fast resulting promotion methodWith different tracking method interested and non-interested customers can be classified in a very short time.

4) High Open Rate

Promotional SMS has 98% of reading rate98% of Indian mobile phone users inbox SMS opened by them. So it will definitely to expose your brand or offer to the mobile phone users. Compared to emails most users habituated to read unread SMS

5) High quantity of buy lead Conversion Rate

Promotional SMS service has a high conversion rateIf a good quality landing page link can be provided by promotional bulk SMS service then a huge quantity of buy leads can be generated.

6) Reliable

relaibleIf there is an active switched on a mobile phone the SMS will obviously hit the phone ring and nobody can stop it. (Except the full DND numbers, which is 45% of total mobile phone users). You can take premium SMS package from Jackfruitweb which will work on DND numbers also.

7) Short Messages

How Promotional SMS looks likeThis process is very less time-consuming. Within 160 characters the message is properly written in loud and clear which represents a good impression for the company and it doesn’t spoil an uninterested customer’s mood.

8) Cool Factor

Promotional SMS pack is good for marketingPromotion by emails and a telephonic medium is old now. Most of the leading business promote their offers by SMS not by telephone or email.

9) Limitless Market Potential

Buying promotional sms can grow your sales and businessDo you properly know how many mobile phone users are out there? There is no limit to promote your business over SMS. The number of mobile phone users is increasing day by day.

10) Green Technology

Promotional bulk sms benefitsGo green! Most important the process is electronic. There is no possibility of wastage of papers. It is good for the environment as well as digital India also.

Please call jackfruitweb, we will provide the best promotional bulk SMS service at the budget-friendly lowest price.

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