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Infographics is a simple graphically designed information in a visually attractive way in order to attract and inform a large consumer base.

The JACKFRUITWEB® generally use basic principles of design to keep the information given and to make it more easily approachable to a larger public or to aim one specific market over an additional

For any business purpose, an impressive infographic of your product or service will boost your business. Take advantage of latest trends and get your infographic today.

Some of Jackfruitweb infographics design has been given below:

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Jackfruitweb is best for providing infographic design. Jackfruitweb; a Kolkata based online marketing and web Development Company has well qualified and experienced web designers who make the simplest infographic character what people like.

Jackfruitweb provides various things like Social Graphic Design, Presentation, Poster, Commercial Facebook Cover Design, Facebook post design, Commercial Instagram Post, A4 page post etc.

Jackfruitweb® also provides:

Marketing Materials:

Jackfruitweb graphic designers will make your required Poster, Menu card design, Flyer, Logo Design, Brochure, Gift Certificate, Business Card, and Labels etc.

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Social Media & Email Headers:

Jackfruitweb online marketing company provide stunning commercial Facebook event cover, YouTube Thumbnail, Commercial Tumbler Banner, YouTube channel art, Twitter header, Google+ header, Etsy Shop cover, Etsy shop icon, Email header, Facebook cover art design, Commercial Twitch Banner, LinkedIn Banner, Sound cloud Banner etc.

Event Graphics Design Company in Kolkata India

For Events:

We can arrange Post card, Invitation (portrait), Invitation (square), Invitation Card design, Company commercial tag design, Program line up, Announcement Design etc.

For Ads:

Jackfruitweb online marketing company will provide the most appealing Facebook Ads, Wide skyscraper ad, Large Rectangle Ad, Letter Board Ad etc.

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Social Media Posts:

Jackfruitweb will prepare stunning twitter posts, square social media graphic, Pinterest graphic, Commercial Facebook post, Facebook App graphics, Tumblr Graphic, Commercial Instagram Post etc.

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We provide Letterhead Design, US Letter, Presentation (16:9), Normal presentation, Magazine Cover, Certificate Design, Yearbook Design etc.

Magazine- Cover page designer in Kolkata

For Blogging and Ebooks:

Jackfruitweb is also an expert to deliver wonderful Book cover, Watt pad book cover, Photo collage, web banner, CD Cover etc.

Magazine Cover page Web Banner Designer Company in Kolkata

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” -Steve Jobs.

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