What is Jackfruitweb?

Jackfruit web is one of the best and well-qualified Kolkata (West Bengal) base it company in India that offers best website design and development services in Kolkata as well as West Bengal As well as India. Jackfruit web; the best web design and development and best website builder company in Kolkata also offers company/organizational website, model portfolio website, school management website, dj services portfolio website, real estate website, online shopping / E-commerce website, college website, university website, NGO website, Society Website, Travelling Agent Website, Government Project Website, Special Type of Website, Daily Website Maintenance, Banner / Flex Design, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Android Mobile Application Development, Search Engine Optimization (Google SEO Support), SSL Service, Send Promotional Bulk SMS Service, SSL Service Buy, Domain Buy, Web Hosting Buy and many more todays trending internet based things for your local or international business development in your pocket friendly budget.

If You need any Kind of web service related query, please feel free to contact jackfruit web. We will be happy to help you. Just make a call to our customer care executive.

Our Skills

Jquery / React JS
Linux Server Administration
MySQL / MariaDB / SQL Lite / Postgre SQL

“We Think Relationships are Everything, Rests are Minor Details”

Our web developer employees are very supportive and Well mannered.

Why should you choose Jackfruitweb?

Honesty: At jackfruit web honesty allows an environment of trust, openness which saves everyone's time.

Performance-based metrics: Employees are not all wired the same, and each one achieve success in different ways. So we select the best person for a job where he/she can perform the best in his/her field.

Training and Assessment: At jackfruit web all our employees (web developers and designers) are very well qualified and trained for their own job role.

Team Work: In jackfruit web you can find the perfect teamwork and co-operation among the employees to build a good project for .

Our Services

If you would like to show something on your website that is a static data (which will not change any time or within a year or 6 months) then you can choose a static design of your website. If you can familiar with HTML language, then you can change the written document or data or images on your website, otherwise jackfruitweb can change your data or feature at free.
If you would like to show something on your website that you would like to change from your end then you can choose a dynamic web page design for your website. There is a dashboard or portal will be given to you. By using this you can upload or change any kind of written document or data on your website. The difficulty of using this dashboard is as easy as a social network like Facebook.
You can easily build your own e-commerce or online shopping website from the jackfruit web at a pocket-friendly cost. Never-ever think of the website building cost if you have a creative idea. Please contact us. We are always behind with you.
If you would like to design a mobile friendly static website you can take this technology.
If you would like to design a mobile friendly dynamic website you can take this technology.
If you would like to design a mobile friendly e-commerce website you can make your selling website by this technology. This kind of website is equal to a Mobile App (Application).
To make a bulk SMS sending software system or to buy SMS package contact us.
We have some experienced good graphics designers in our company who will provide the best, creative and wonderful graphics design for you.
If you are a professional fashion model or professional photographer or fashion designer you can make your own portfolio website at a very reasonable price.
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