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OTP (One Time Password) is a secure key used to authenticate a person carrying his/her mobile phone. Generally, it is used to maintain a next level protection for any online login, registration and for any monetary transaction. For an account, it is very easy to know anyone login id, but knowing anyone password is quite difficult. Suppose if someone's password has been theft and for the thief, it will be very easy to access the owner personal data. For this situation to give an extra security OTP is used. Generally, it is a 4- 8 digit code provided to the user by email or SMS. The main thing is that this can be used only one time. So that if someone's id password has been stolen then he/she can recover his/her password by the use of OTP provided in his/ her other device like a mobile phone or email id linked to that stolen account.

How OTP’s are generated and distributed

OTP is also used to authenticate any person. Like if someone inserting his/her personal information including a mobile phone number or email id. Then the registrar company sends a code to his/her email id or mobile phone number then the user has to read the code and has to send the code to the registrar. Thus the registrar confirms that the email id or mobile phone number belongs to belongs to the user who is trying to insert his/her personal information.

Now have a look at some basic advantages of using OTP:

• It can be used only one time for a user. So after a successful login, the OTP is valueless.

• If someone is maintaining a huge number of user accounts, then it is difficult to maintain a different password for the different account and it is also quite impossible to memorize all the password in a single human brain system. In that case, OTP can be used to make your workplace less hazardous.

• It has a unique alpha-numeric combination which is impossible to break in its limited time. Thus brute force and dictionary attack can also be prevented.

• OTP is generated based on a purely mathematical algorithm, time, and location. So it is unpredictable that what will be the next OTP.

Bulk Sms Services Hope we have cleared a little bit about what is OTP service and how it is generated and distributed. To implement an OTP service on your workplace please call us.

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